ACTUALLY, I AM A CRAFTSMAN.-金沙游艺-js50.com金沙网站


In 1996,I got an entrance into this industry with solid wood windows and doors. I throw myself into the production line, pursuing high standard and efficiency.


Over the years, I have gained more and more profound perception and understanding towards this industry from the popularity of solid wood doors and windows and even from the emergence and maturity of metal doors and windows.


In 2004, we involved ourselves to custom doors and windows, Basis on the stream line production, we founded a new team with several designers who cherish the same ideas and follow the same path with us, We began to use mass handcraft techniques who reach different needs and requirements from different clients. Some people said that I own the persistence for artistic work but this kind of experiment will definitely be abandoned as times goes by.


But for me , these words are precious compliments, I insist that the persistence for artistic crafts is a spirit, an aspiration and even an attitude we should live on.


When more an d more architectures are required to incorporate with history , area and culture; when the customers are eventually impressed by our programs; when our projects are becoming the classic cases in this industry, I know what I insist is right.


Our products stand not only for the personality, but the understanding of aesthetics and culture. What our team persists, the persistence, is a spirit hat becomes less and less in this area of the present times.


At this moment, I know that we still have many shortcomings , but we will try harder and I believe that with all your help, we will do better, we are craftsmen.