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Rilang is a manufacturer who focus on R & D and producing windows and doors with sense of design, main products are slim aluminum series, slim copper series, slim steel series and slim wooden series windows and doors.

Combination of hardware and glass,it can fully achieve the classical and modern minimalist windows and doors, the retro British and French architecture, Shanghai modern Shikumen construction and modern industrial stylish building on the windows and doors of the style and function demands, we are trying to achieve all your ideas of windows and doors.

Our business involved: historic buildings restoration, modern commercial construction projects and the projects have graphic sense and performance requirements.-6165.net

We will keep working on improve the physical properties: air tightness, water tightness, thermal insulation for elegent stylish windows and doors.

OTTOSTUMM - from Switzerland - Montanstahl. APPLETREE - from Shanghai - Rilang windows and doors.

Rilang doors and windows and OTTOSTUMM-Momtansthal reached an exclusive agent in China's strategic partnership, the exclusive use of OTTOSTUMM brand profile design and production in China, and sell classic Europe finished doors and windows.-3015.cc金沙

Minimalist style, industrial style, classic, modern, luxury and other design elements, vividly reflected in every project of a daylong doors and windows.-澳门金沙官方直营-j5.com澳门金沙